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How to set WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) of my hp printer?

There are two modes in which you can set up WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) for your printer, one is “push button” the other one is “PIN”. The “push button” mode is easier than the “PIN” mode to follow.

Steps to follow using “push button” mode

Before starting the setup, we recommend you to go through your user manual instructions on how to start WPS setup.

There are certain conditions (discussed below) which are needed to be adhered to during the “pushbutton” mode setup-

  1. Your router, as well as your printer, must support the WPS setup using “pushbutton” mode.
  2. There must be a WPS pushbutton provided on your wireless router.
  3. Your wireless network must be secured by either WPA or WPA2 network security.
  4. Using WEP security is compulsory as WPS wireless routers do not connect through the WPS method until WEP security is not used.
  5. Do not use your router manufacturer’s default settings (username etc.) as most of the WPS wireless routers do not connect to the WPS setup with these defaults.

How to follow WPS “pushbutton”mode setup to connect your wireless router & your wireless printer

  1. From the control panel of your printer, enable the “pushbutton” mode for WPS setup.
  2. To learn “How to start pushbutton mode in your printer?” kindly go through your printer’s user manual.
  3. Within two minutes after enabling the “pushbutton” mode, switch on the WPS button provided on your router.

How To Connect an HP Printer to a Wireless Network Using Wi-Fi Protected Setup | HP Printers

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