Troubleshoot your USB printer issues

If you have installed your printer over a USB connection & your PC doesn’t detect your printer, then what you need is first turn off both your computer & your printer. Then, check if your cable is properly connected. Then restart your PC & the printer.

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The given steps will make the picture clearer-

Step 1- Turn off your PC

Step 2- Turn off your printer

Step 3- Remove the USB wire from your PC.

Step 4- Check your USB wire if it is in proper condition or not.

Step 5- If the USB wire is not in proper condition, then you’re advised to change it.

Step 6- Measure the length of the USB wire.

Step 7- If the length is greater than 3 metres (or 9 ft. 10 inches), then replace it with a new USB wire within the prescribed length.

Step 8- Choose a different USB port to connect the USB wire.

Step 9- It is advised to choose a USB 2.0 (or above) port.

Step 10- In case you’re using a USB hub, you can connect the USB wire directly into your PC’s port.

Step 11- Ensure that the USB wire is properly connected to the printer & the computer.

Step 12- Boot your PC now.

Step 13- Wait until your PC finishes up the startup process.

Step 14- Switch on your printer.

Step 15- In case you’re using Windows OS, wait for your PC until it finishes the installation process.

Step 16-  In case you’re using MAC OS, add your printer to the list of devices.



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