My HP Printer Shows Error 99.09.66, What Should I Do?

With the developing innovation, we have seen that the specialized gadgets are taking up the spots in each division. Specialized gadgets have been quickly redesigning and each individual is becoming accustomed to the specialized gadgets. One such specialized gadget is the printer that has been utilized for the most part by the workplace goer.



It is generally utilized in the workplaces for printing out archives, pictures, filtering, and faxes a record. Be that as it may, specialized mistakes can inconvenience up in some cases while you are printing out a record. HP Printer 99.09.66 error message is seen happening in a printer. This blunder can inconvenience up while you were printing a record. When you face such sort of blunder you can likewise take the assistance of the HP Printer Support group.

HP Printer 99.09.66 error message is a sort of mistake that happens because of three reasons and that are recorded beneath:

Right off the bat it can happen because of a hard circle or strong state memory drive not being introduced.

Furthermore, it can happen if the hard drive or strong state memory driver isn’t being associated appropriately.

Thirdly, it can happen when the hard plate or strong state memory drive has been fizzled.

In this blog, we will examine investigating the HP Printer 99.09.66 error message from your printer. By following a portion of the simple arrangements you will most likely investigate the mistake.


Rules to fix the mistake:


At first, turn off the printer, and after that back on to get out the message. On the off chance that you see that the message perseveres, at that point, you should confirm the hard plate or the strong state memory drive in the event that it is introduced effectively or not.

You can likewise attempt the procedure to investigate the strong state memory drive. To begin the procedure, at first, you should kill the printer. From that point onward, expel every one of the links from the back of the printer. At that point, slide the for matter spread towards the back of the items to evacuate. Next, open the for matter confine. Ensure you lift up and evacuate the sheet-metal entryway. From that point onward, disengage the fax card connector. At that point, press the three tabs to discharge the fax card, and afterward expel the fax card from the printer.

In the following procedure, you should open the holding cut by pivoting it 90 degrees counterclockwise, and afterward pull it up. From that point forward, slide the strong state drive towards the edge of the for matter to supplant it. At that point reinsert the strong state crash into the connector. Next, utilize the holding clasp and after that turn it by 90 degrees clockwise. From that point onward, reinstall the fax card. Make a point to reconnect the fax card connector and reinstall the sheet-metal spread. Next, slide the for matter spread back onto the printer and reattach every one of the links. Finally, when you wrap up the procedure, turn on the printer.

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