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“The printer is double feeding or feeding multiple sheets of paper at one time.

What can I do?” – Connect with hp printer support telephone number

Step 1- Ensure that you use paper that meets hp photosmart help suggested paper standards. You can utilize the given kinds of print media: dainty paper, plain paper, thick paper, bond paper, reused paper, names, or envelopes. If it’s not too much trouble ensure you are utilizing paper that is 20-24lb, made for plain-paper duplicating, and is explicitly set apart for use in a laser printer

  • If your paper is as per the hp photosmart help specifications, follow step 2
  • On the off chance that the paper being utilized does not meet these prerequisites, it ought to be supplanted with paper that meets the prescribed determinations. To troubleshoot, go to step 2 or call hp printer support telephone number

Step 2- Thick paper, thicker paper, and envelopes may just be sustained through the manual feed opening, not the paper tape. Imprinting on envelopes sustained from the paper tape isn’t prescribed and may cause ghosting and sticks. Keep in mind when printing from the manual feed space, to just put one bit of paper in the manual feed opening at once

Step 3- Take the paper plate out of the machine and expel any paper from it

Step 4- Keep the green paper pressed & guide the release levers. Adjust the paper guides so that it fits the paper size. Ensure that the guides firmly occupy the slots.

Step 5- On the off chance that the paper roller is filthy, the machine may not bolster paper. All things considered, tidy the paper roller as given below:

a. Switch off the machine’s power supply by pushing and holding the power button. Detach all wires, and afterward unplug the power line from the AC electrical plug.

b. Slowly wring out a build-up free fabric absorbed in tepid water, and after that in the paper plate, wipe the pad to evacuate any residue.

c. Wipe the paper rollers present inside the machine.

Step 6- Turn the pile of papers over and put some papers once more into the plate and ensure the given things:

  1. The paper is beneath the most extreme paper mark. NOTE: Over-filling the paper plate will cause paper jams.
  2. The side to be imprinted on must be face down.
  3. The paper guides contact the sides of the paper so it will encourage appropriately.
  4. Put the paper plate solidly once again into the machine. Ensure that it is totally embedded into the machine.
  5. Attach the machine’s power wire once again into the AC electrical plug first, and after that reconnect all the cords. Press the machine’s power button.

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