Understand what is “Carriage Jam” issue & why does it occur?

Many a time your hp photo smart C-4280 printer may encounter “Carriage Jam” issue message. It is a printer issue identified with the carriage that holds the ink cartridges. This might be brought about by a past printing blunder, for example, paper jam or an outside item stuck amid a printing session.


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How to unravel the Carriage Jam issue message?

Arrangement no.1:

Turn off the printer and let it sit for 60 seconds at that point turn it on once more. Hold up until the printer is prepared at that point run a test print.

Arrangement no.2:

  • Turn off the printer and evacuate all papers on the paper plate.
  • Turn on the printer. While still on, evacuate the power rope at the back of the printer.
  • Open the entrance spread to the paper rollers and evacuate the stuck paper. Ensure no bits of paper or outside items are on the paper rollers.
  • Attachment the power rope back in and turn on the printer.
  • Run a test print.

Arrangement no. 3:

  • Unplug electricity line from the printer.
  • Open cartridge carriage and check for any paper jams or remote items.
  • Move the ink carriage and check whether it can move uninhibitedly.
  • Ensure there are no blocks.
  • Reconnect the electricity line back in.
  • Run a test print.


Arrangement no. 4:

  • Open the top to get to printer carriage. Ensure it totally quits moving.
  • Expel ink cartridges. Make certain not to contact the print heads.
  • Move the cartridge carriage from side to side to check whether there is any hindrance.
  • Reinstall the ink cartridges to their right shading carriage.
  • Run a test print.


Settling carriage jam of HP Photo smart C-4280 should be possible utilizing the arrangements above. In the event that none of these arrangements work, you can play out a hard reset or approach the hp printer support telephone number experts or a printer specialist.

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