Many a time it happens that the router provided by your ISP doesn’t recognize your printer. But, in that case, you need not to worry about anything, just follow these simple steps/HP printer Support-

  1. Disconnect your router by unplugging the internet cord from it.
  2. Cut the power supply of the router by taking out its power cable.
  3. Wait for about 30 to 40 seconds until your router is totally switched off.
  4. Reconnect the power cable of your router
  5. Connect your printer to the router using one of the methods prescribed in your “Connecting Wireless Printer” guide. You are advised to use the method you are familiar with.
  6. HP printer Support- Go to control panel of your printer.
  7. Then, go to Network Configuration Page and look at the IP address of your printer. Note it down for future use. You can also go through your User Manual if you face any problem in locating your printer’s IP address.
  8. Have a look at your router’s IP address & your printer’s IP address & compare them. They should be in the same format otherwise they can’t be synchronized. (For example, if your printer’s IP address is then your printer’s IP should be like If your printer has an IP address as either or 169.254.AAA.BBB, it symbolizes that it is disconnected from your internet network.
  9. Type your printer’s IP address into the address bar of your internet browser to make sure that it is connected. If it is connected, then your browser will take you to the printer’s homepage.
  10. Reconnect the internet cord of your router.
  11. Reboot your router.
  12. Test your printer’s connectivity by printing your document.

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