HP printer issues- Troubleshooting

If you’re using your HP printer over an Ethernet (or LAN) network & your PC does not detect your printer over the network, then you are advised to check your network wires and connectivity.

For that, you need to follow these steps-

Step 1- Remove your Ethernet (or LAN) wire

First, you need to remove the Ethernet wire from the printer & the PC. Re-insert the Ethernet wire into the PC and the printer.

  1. Switch off your printer
  2. Remove the Ethernet wire from your router’s port
  • Examine the Ethernet wire’s condition
  • Examine if the wire is in proper condition or not
  • If it is not in a good condition, kindly replace it with new one
  • Ensure that the wire is properly connected to the printer & the PC
  • Make sure that you are using an Ethernet wire
  • Make sure that your wire adheres to Ethernet connection standards
  • Choose a different Ethernet (LAN) port on the router.
  • Do not choose the router’s internal port
  • Connect your Ethernet wire to the router in the chosen port
  • Switch on your printer
  • Check whether your printer is connected or not by looking at the printer’s lights.
  • If the Green light is not blinking & the Orange light is blinking, it indicates that your printer is connected to the network.

Step 2- Take a print out of your “Network Configuration Page

Your Network Configuration Page confirms your printer’s connection status.

  • In case you’re using a printer with touch screen display control panel, you can go to the Network Configuration Page through the “Set up” menu or from the “Wireless Network Settings”.
  • In case you’re using printer without touch screen display control panel, you can access the Network Configuration Page by squeezing the “Wireless Access Button” & the “Information Button” simultaneously. After that, squeeze the “Copy Black” button.
  • Look at the Network Configuration Page and make sure that it display the network status as “Ready”.
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