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How to troubleshoot a Wi-Fi Printer

If you have a wireless printer, then this article is for you.

In case your PC is unable to locate your printer over the wireless network, you need to restart your router, computer & the printer. After that, reconnect them to your Wi-Fi network.

Step 1- Reboot your devices

Learn “How to reboot your devices?”

Step i- Unplug your router’s power cable & wait for 10 seconds.

Step ii- Switch off your PC to which the printer is connected

Step iii- Switch off your wireless printer & wait for at least 10 seconds.

Step iv- Plug in the power cable into your router.

Step v-Turn on your PC

Step vi- Turn on your printer.

Step 2- Establish a connection between your printer & the Wi-Fi network

How to reconnect your printer to the Wi-Fi network?

If your printer has a touch screen panel, then you can connect it  to the Wi-Fi network using HP wireless setup wizard or the WPS of your router.

Note: You are advised to connect directly to the Wi-Fi connection of the printer as you will face connectivity issues in closed areas like hotels or dormitories etc.

To establish a connection between your printer (without a touch screen display) and a Wi-Fi network, follow these steps-

  1. Open your wireless setup wizard
  2. Go to the control panel of your printer and press the wireless icon.
  • Now, press the “Setup” option.
  1. Now, press “Restore Network Defaults” or “Restore Network Settings”.
  2. Press “Yes” to confirm your ascent.
  3. Press “Wireless Settings”.
  • Press “Wireless Setup Wizard”
  • When the printer shows you the names of available networks, select your network by pressing its name.
  1. If your Wi-Fi network is not displayed in that list, then select “Enter New Network Name” option and type your network’s name in the space provided there.
  2. Enter your WEP or WPA password (password for network security)
  3. Press “Done”

If you have forgotten your WEP or WPA passwords, then go to How to recover your WEP/WPA password?

To check if your printer is connected, inspect your printer’s wireless light. If it is not blinking, it means that the printer is connected.

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