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How Can I Use My Printer To Print From Many Computers Simultaneously

Your printer can be used with multiple computers connected to your wireless network simultaneously.

To use your wireless printer with multiple computers connected to your wireless network, just follow these simple steps-

  1. Install your printer software (either download it or install it from CD provided with your printer) on every computer connected to your network.
  2. If your printer CD doesn’t support your PC’s operating system, then you are suggested to download the compatible software from HP’s website.
  3. Download the printer software according to your printer model specifications.
  4. You are advised to download the hp printer Full Version Software instead of downloading only the “Drivers-Only” version.
  5. When the Software installation begins, choose either “Wireless” or “Through The Network”. The installation instructions are as per the software version which you are installing.
  6. Many a time, the software faces issues in detecting printer over the network.
  7. To combat this issue, go for “Advance Search” to detect your printer.
  8. For that purpose, use the printer’s IP address.
  9. You can get to know your printer’s IP address either through the “Network Test report” or through “Network Configuration Page”.
  10. Follow the consequent steps as instructed during the software installation process

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