How can I clean the print head of my HP printer manually?


How can I clean the print head of my HP printer manually?




HP printers, much the same as any new innovation, can keep running into a few issues that will clearly create issues in your work and can result in your dissatisfaction as well. One issue which you may confront and extremely normal is a terrible or messy print head. An unclean print head will influence the correspondence between print cartridge and printer, which results in bad quality printing or even jamming of your printer.


You can consequently clean the print leaders of a printer from its control board or utilizing HP arrangement focus. In any case, in the event that you need to clean it physically, at that point you may need to take support from the HP Printer Support group. The experts accessible there will direct advance carefully to show you how you can clean the print leader of a printer effectively.


Follow the given directions to clean the print head:


  • Turn on the printer, open its top spread and sit tight for a few seconds.
  • Then, disconnect the electricity cable from the two slots, thus the print cartridges will be in an accommodating length where you can reach.
  • Haul out the print head out of the opening, which houses all the print cartridges.
  • On the print head, wipe down the contact cushions with a dry, delicate and build up free material.
  • Spot the print head on a perfect paper towel or sheet of paper and furthermore ensure that the spouts don’t contact the paper.
  • On the print head opening clean the contact focuses with fabric or paper towel and dry it for five minutes.
  • Reconnect the electricity cable to both the slots.
  • Spot the print head back in its right space.
  • Close the print head lock, you may need to apply some weight to it.
  • Finally, shut the printer spread and afterward, the printer will naturally instate the print head.


Without a doubt, in the wake of applying above procedure, your print head is perfect and working in a superior condition than previously.


To find out about it and experiencing difficulty in any of the progression, at that point we recommend you to call our HP Online Support colleagues. They are exceptionally qualified and knowledgeable with a wide range of HP printer issues and their answers.




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